Kayak Bass Fishing Lessons

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Kayak Bass Fishing Lessons


Learn all the Tips & Tricks of Bass Fishing out of a Kayak on the Lake of your choice


River Fishing for Smallmouth Bass can be a risky and intimidating adventure, but extremely rewarding. Learn how to Kayak Fish Safely on The Schuylkill River with Top Water Trips. Read more below in our KBF Lessons Description to see what we will cover in a lesson


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Kayak Bass Fishing Lessons


Lake Kayak Fishing

Kayak Fishing For Bass in Lake Systems can be a very rewarding endeavor. With the right knowledge and experience, we believe in giving Kayak Anglers, new & experienced, the ability to launch out onto any lake and catch fish. Whether your targeting Largemouth or Smallmouth, Top Water Trips provides the lessons, guidance, and experience necessary to make this possible for any angler. Kayak Bass Fishing Lessons on the Lake generally last 4-5 hours in total. At our launch point, we will go over: 

Launch Point Topics
  • Rods
  • Reels
  • Line- Fluoro, Mono, Braid
  • Lake Structure- Above & Below Water
  • What Gear to Choose
  • Knot Tying
  • Casting
  • Bass Beds
  • Weather & Fishing
  • Action and Power of Fishing Rods
  • Bait Selection & Categories
  • Lake Reading & Spot Choosing
  • Pond Fishing
  • Skipping Jigs & Worms
  • & More!

After we spend roughly 1 hour going over these topics we will go over basic kayak safety and get ready to launch. Once on the water, we will begin on water application of Kayak Bass Fishing on the Lake. In this part of the lesson we will begin fishing as your guide & instructor give tips and pointers on how to: 

  • Skip Casting
  • Cast While Standing
  • Dealing with Wind
  • Setting up on a Spot
  • Stealth Paddling Techniques
  • What to do when Snagged
  • “Rod-In-Hand” Steering & Paddling
  • Anchoring
  • Understanding Currents & Fishing
  • & All other necessary Kayak Fishing Techniques, Tips, & Tricks!

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River Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing on River Systems can be an exciting & challenging endeavor! Learning how to Kayak River Systems safely and successfully from a Professional Guide is now available with Top Water Trips. Your Guide Kevin Moriarty will show you from the ground up how to Kayak Fish on the River for Smallmouth. During our lesson, we will go over topics such as:

  • How to Plan a Float
  • Reading Water
  • Eddy’s
  • Understanding Currents & Fishing
  • Cast While Standing
  • Dealing with Wind
  • Setting up on a Spot
  • Stealth Paddling Techniques
  • What to do when Snagged
  • Anchoring
  • “Rod-in-Hand” Steering & Paddling
  • 1-Stroke Backouts
  • Angling of the Kayak while Fishing & Floating
  • Landing FIsh while moving
  • Equipment
  • Rod Storage while Floating
  • & All other necessary Tips & Tricks we will show you on the water!