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Kayak Tours

Couple renting Kayaks for a Schuylkill River Tour with Top Water Trips


Take a Guided Trip down this mighty waterway to witness the beauty and nature of the Hidden River System.  Eagles, Blue Herons, Deer, Fish, and many species of wildlife call the Banks of the River Home. A Tour with Top Water offers the opportunity to enjoy these natural beauties to beginner and experienced paddlers.


Pick a lake in your area and well bring the Kayaks to you for a Guided Tour. Or book with us to kayak our local lakes for Full Moon and Constellation Tours.  Our trips are totally customizeable and can be fitted to your needs!

Looking for Lessons? Click here to learn more about Kayaking Lessons


Schuylkill River  Kayak Tours
  • Tour Durations are optional- they usually go 3-4 hours but can go as long as 7-8
  • We usually meet our clients at our endpoint
  • Then we will jump in the company truck and head up to our drop-in point
  • At the Drop-In Location- we will go over our Tour Plan, Give a Brief Kayaking Lesson,
  • We will then drop in four our Schuylkill River  float trip
Lake Kayak Tours
  • Lake Tours can be held on the Lake of your choice…
  • We most frequently do tours on Marsh Creek & Blue Marsh…But we are open to other Lakes as well!
    • Scotts Run, Hopewell, Kaecher Creek Resovoir, and More
  • We will meet at our drop-in and go over all of our information and plan for the tour
  • Then we hit the water for our Lake Tour
Fall Foliage Tours
  • Our Fall Kayak Tours are a great booking for September, October, & November!
  • We run bookings throughout the Winter as well…
  • Lakes, Rivers & Streams. Take your pick for a body of water and well take you out!
  • Remember the water can be very cold this time of year so life jackets are Non-Negotiable!