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Vibe Seaghost 110 Kayak Review

Vibe Seaghost 110 Kayak Review

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Our Rating for the Vibe Seaghost 110

Overall Rating- 6.8/10
Ease of Transport | 8/10
Ability to Customize | 7/10
Deck Space | 5/10
Comfortability & Seat | 7/10
Stability | 7/10
Pricing | 6.5/10
Tracking/Paddling | 7.5/10

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Ease of Transport

The Vibe Seaghost 110 is easy to transport. It fits well in almost any J-Racks and is light enough to get on top of Sedans and Small cars. A Kayak Cart will definitely help around the ramps but it does have a replaceable Skid Plate so you can drag it around. The Phantom Grip handles are very sturdy, hold up very well, and offer an excellent grip point for transfer.

Ability to Customize

The Vibe Seaghost 110 has 4 Gear Track Rails; 2 in the back and 2 in the middle front end by your feet. There are a variety of options to add to your Vibe, but it won’t take many additions to feel very crowded in your boat. Boats that are wide open with gear track rails offer more options to customize. While you have those rails here the boat isn’t open enough to make too many additions.

Deck Space

The Deck space in the Vibe Seaghost 110 has potential. But, if you’re an Angler that needs a lot of room up front for tackle, lures, and standing then the Vibe Seaghost may not be for you. The Center Console is a nice feature but leaves tight channels for your legs while paddling and feet when standing. It’s listed at 33″ wide but feels more like 30-31 inches with the way the edges of the yak taper out before falling off to round out the sides. The footpegs are a little bulky and can be tough to adjust along the slide rail. This is because the footpegs are connected to the toe-controlled rudder system.

The rudder system is rarely used and not particularly necessary for most Anglers. Most find it kind of gets in the way and takes up space that could be used to expand the rear hatch space. The Deck Space & entire boat is ROCK SOLID and will hold up very well over years of service, rocks, rapids, transport, etc.

Comfortability & Seat

The Original Vibe Hero Seat is comfortable but has not held up very well over time. We have had to replace a number of bolts and lock nuts for the Original Seat. But, the 2.0 Hero Seat is definitely an upgrade from the original and is holding up much better, get it if you can!  In addition to those nuts and bolts; the hardware that keeps the seat fastened to the boat has begun to rust. Water pools where the seat bungees and hardware meet. Overall, we really like the Vibe Seats. But we have found just a few things that need to be fixed and some general maintenance that comes along with the seats.


At 33 inches wide this boat is plenty stable for sitting, fishing, and hanging your feet over the side during a hot summer day. But, be careful standing in the 11ft Seaghost. The Center Console takes up a large portion of the standing deck which force your feet into a single position. Consequently, you’ll have to keep your weight very centered and avoid shifting your feet when standing. Having your feet stuck in a singular position can become uncomfortable and shifting can cause flips if you’re not careful!


Base Level MSRP comes in at $1,200 before shipping & taxes. For this specific 11ft Kayak, that price point is not great, but it’s okay. We think for $1,200 you can get a similar boat that offers a bit more. These boats are well made but the features and set-up leave a lot to be desired at this price point! For only $100 more you can get the Seaghost 130 and get extra space, comfort, and stability. The 130 has most of the same features, which fit much better in the 13ft model. The features on the 110 Vibe Seaghost feel crowded, but on the 130 it feels much more spacious.


The Seaghost tracks and paddles better than average. The paddle keeper on the front is convenient. The paddle keeper bungees along the sides have become loose over time and don’t hold the paddle firmly in place.  With that all in mind, this boat paddles well, stops quickly and gets moving fairly quickly. This Seaghost is perfect for teenagers, young adults, and smaller individuals. In conclusion for this section, if you expect to grow out of a boat purchase in the next few years check out another Vibe Boat. Some of these boats include the Shearwater 125, Seaghost 130, or the Yellowfin 120. They may be better suited for you!

How We Rate Kayaks

We review & rate Kayaks based on our experience with them on Privately Guided Trips & Lessons on Rivers and Small Streams in Pennsylvania. We only rate Kayaks that we have had in our Fleet and used on the water for at minimum, 1 Full Year. Our client’s responses, comments, & overall experience with each Kayak are also factored into our ratings.

One of our Goals is to provide unbiased reviews as we are not paid to write these. With each rating, out of 10, we explain in further detail the pros and cons of that rated section. Finally, we hope you enjoy these reviews as they are provided solely to help you find the right Kayak for you! Feel free to call or email if you have any questions or need help finding a boat!

Kevin Moriarty | Owner & Guide

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Vibe Seaghost 110 Kayak review by Kevin Moriarty of Top Water Trips
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