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Are you a Programming Director for a Camp or School looking for Camp Programming Ideas? Here at Top Water Trips, we offer Camp Programming to expand the opportunities offered at their Camp or School. Our Camp Programming Ideas are perfect for those near Lakes & Streams. Below is a list of our Camp Programs that we offer, along with each Camp Programs Visual. For Full Access to each Program please send us an email at topwatertrips@gmail.com with your request and we wil send the Full PDF Packet to you.

In the full version of our New Camp Program Ideas for Schools & Camps we outline in detail every youll need for your New Camp Program’s

  • Camp Program Visual
  • Activities | Itinerary | Objectives 
  • Program Goals

Looking for New Camp Programming Ideas?

Our Camp Programming

Kids Fishing

Activities | Itinerary | Objectives Include
  • Intro to Fishing
  • Intro to Fishing Equipment & Gear
  • Overview of Fishing Safety
  • Casting Instruction (No Hooks)
  • Rigging Instruction 
    • (A Fun addition to add is digging up and looking for worms)
    • I have found from previous lessons that the kids love to dig around and look for worms at this point of the instruction
  • Application of Lesson | Putting some lines in the water
  •  Camp Programming Wrap Up, Final Questions, & Lesson Overview

 Some specifics of this Program depends on the age group… For very young kids who can’t cast very far, we usually aim to catch small sunfish and baitfish off the banks.

For kids, a little older who can cast a little further out some of our fishing gear will change as we upgrade our gear to go for fish a little bit bigger. 

Youth Kayaking

Youth Kayaking Lesson/Instruction- Lake, Pond, River or Stream
Important Notes for Camp Programming Ideas-  
  • Kayaking Lessons & Application also depend on age group with regard to additional Lesson Specifics. 
  • The activities listed above are in general but the specifics are altered depending on the age group. 
  • Top Water Trips Insurance allows for a 10:1 Licensed Guide to participant Ratio. But for safety purposes, we aim for a max of 5 or 6 MAX when instructing and guiding on Rivers & Streams in the area.
  • No infants

Beginner Fly Casting

This Camp Program aims at teaching individuals (Adults and Children) the basics of Fly Casting. This lesson is best provided Streamside in an area with enough lawn space and area to space people out and line them up. Having enough area to space out individuals, when Participants begin Fly Casting,  for safety purposes is important.

This program is conducted on land. Our Intermediate Fly Casting Program begins similarly but ends with “On-Water Application” where participants can practice their casting techniques on the water. 

Beginner Fly Fishing

Program Visual

– In this program, we give an introductory F.F Lesson that will consist of all introductory Topics. Ideally, this lesson is provided Streamside with all of our Fly Fishing Equipment laid out on the table/picnic bench to use during our lesson. We will have all the Fishing Gear for the Camp Program on site. We will go through each piece of gear, how it relates to the sport, how to use the equipment and invite questions.

Stream Entomology

Stream Entomology Course/Program:

This course is best provided on streams with a healthy population and variety of Aquatic insects. This is a very fun and engaging course for kids. We will collect aquatic insects from a streambed using bug seins and nets. Then we will go back to the table and put these insects in small tubs, or Tupperware, filled with water to keep them alive for identification. Then we will return the nymphal stage insects back to the stream and finish with a course overview.

K-9 Kayaking

K-9 Kayaking Program

In this program, we will give individuals the opportunity to “Paddle with their Pets.” Ideally, this program would be proposed as an event with a maximum number of participants and 1-3 different start time options. We could offer it in 3 different groups throughout the day; Morning, Afternoon, & Evening Sessions. Our Kayaks are “Sit-on-Top” and provide plenty of open space for a variety of dog species and sizes. Not all Kayaks are ideal or safe for Puppy Paddling. We currently have 7 Kayaks available, that are usable and perfect for K-9 Kayaking.  We intend to have at least 9-10 available by Spring 2020.

Intermediate Fly Casting

Intermediate FC Program- (Includes Real Flies, Hooks, & On-Water Application)

Program Visual- This New Camp Program will be streamside. We will begin our lesson with a basic introduction to Fly Casting and its Mechanics, then it will end with an on-water application of the Instruction we have just gone over. The on-water aspect of this program will be similar in nature to the instruction process of the Beginner Camp Program. We will have people lined up in the water with rods that are rigged and ready to go. Then we will have them begin practicing the techniques that the Top Water Trips instructor has demonstrated and explained.

Advanced Fly Fishing

In this Camp Program, we give a full Fly Fishing Lesson that will cover all introductory Topics and a variety of Advanced topics for Trout Fly Fishing. Ideally, this lesson is provided Streamside with all of our Fly Fishing Gear laid out on the table/picnic bench to use during our lesson. We have all the equipment necessary for this Camp Program. Then, we will go through each piece of gear, how it aligns to fly fishing, how to use the gear, and invite questions.

This advanced lesson will also cover more advanced topics such as Entomology, River Reading, How to Find Fish, Wading Safety, Seasonal Effect on Trout, “Matching-The-Hatch,” and Fly Casting Instruction. In this Camp Program, I will be putting some Flies in the water for a demonstration. 


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