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Fly Fishing Lessons

Fly Fishing Lessons

Our Courses

-Fly Casting Lessons- Beginner & Advanced
-101 Courses- Beginner & Advanced
-Kayak Fly Fishing Course
-Bass, Trout, & Musky Courses
-Triple Crown Course

Beginner Fly Casting-   

The art of Fly Casting Lessons appears to be difficult and intimidating to learn and implement. We at Top Water beg to differ. We offer Beginner Casting Lessons on the Lawn and on the Water. Our Casting lessons generally last 2-3 hours and cover all the basics. Beginner Fly Casting Lessons are aimed at giving clients a cast that they can use on the water and catch trout with. The classic forward cast & the roll cast are two of the most common casts and what we will cover in our beginner lesson.

Advanced Fly Casting-

Top Water Trips Fly Fishing Schools offers Advanced Fly Casting Lessons On Waters in Central & Eastern Pennsylvania. Our Advanced Casting Lessons will be on the water. After developing a basic cast in our beginner lesson, learn to Double Haul, Roll Cast, Reach Cast, Pile Case, Mending, & More! Advanced Casting Courses will also cover how to deal with wind, trees, and tight casting quarters!

More Fly Fishing Lessons

Trout Fly Fishing 101 Course-

We hold our Fly Fishing 101 Course and Lessons on the water. Learn about the world of Trout in our Advanced Fly Fishing Lesson! We will cover all the basics and advanced techniques. Topics Include Wading Safety, Rod & Reel Set-Up, Entomology, Weather and its Effect on Trout, Fly Selection, Fly Casting & Casting Techniques, & More! This is an all-inclusive 8 Hour Course

Bass Fly Fishing Course (Lake or River)-

Take Your Pick! Schuylkill River Fly Fishing Lesson or Lake Largemouth or Smallmouth Fly Fishing Lessons! Learn everything you need to Fly Fish for Largemouth or Smallmouth! Presentation, Timing, Location, Set-Up, Fly Selection & More! We can conduct this course via Kayak Fly Fishing or out of our Jet Boat. This is a fun and challenging course as we explore various techniques and Fly Fishing for Bass.

PA Triple Crown Course

Combination of all  Advanced Fly Fishing Lessons put into 3 Full Days on the water. We provide this course on Waters in Berks County, Schuylkill County, Montgomery County. Musky Fly Fishing, Bass Fly Fishing, & Trout Fly Fishing will be our subjects and throughout this 3 day fully comprehensive course, you will learn how to fly fish for three of the best species Pennsylvania has to offer

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