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Booking Policies

1.)Please check the “What to Bring” Section of Our Website for your list of what to bring for a booked trip.

2.) If there are any problems filling out a Booking Form feel free to leave not required sections blank and the required sections filled out as best as possible even if you do not know what to put in just type in ” I don’t Know” and give us a call.  We can help in deciding which trip and waterway will be best to fit any desired trip need.

3.) Further Payment Instruction: Once the booking fee has been paid and confirmed the final payment can be fulfilled with Cash in person or an Invoice sent via email. The Booking Fee will be deducted from the total along with other discounts to be applied.

More Booking Policies…

4.) If you need to be picked up for your trip this will be indicated in your Booking Form. Pick-Up Time is scheduled to be at least 30 minutes before the time slot booked. This is subject to change depending on the desired waterway and client location. Please Call to confirm pick-up time and location after booking during our normal calling hours.

5.)  If you would like to Meet-Up at the Drop-In/ Wading Location this will be indicated in your booking form and the location of the meet-up will be sent in a return email after your booking form has been read so we properly organize your trip.

6.) Booking Can be done  2 hours before the designated start time. Please Call after Booking to ask any questions that you may have with your Booking.

Booking Policies

Cancellation Policy

A.) For Cancellation’s please call 72 hours in advance to have your booking fee returned.

B.) If the trip is canceled due to the Guides decision, unforeseen weather changes, dangerous water conditions, the trip will be rescheduled at the clients next earliest available date. If Trip is Cancelled due to this reason the Booking Fee Will Be Returned.

C.) Emergencies happen and that will be accounted for when determining return and/or cancellation’s, but, if there is a No Call and No Show at the chosen Meet-Up/Pick-Up/ Business Location/Wade-in and/or Drop-in Location the Client will be invoiced the entire price of the trip that was scheduled. Again, emergencies happen and we account for that on an individual basis in deciding the outcome of a trip cancellation of this nature.