Kids Fishing Lessons

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Kids Fishing Lessons

Locations We Teach & Fish | Marsh Creek Lake, Schuylkill River, Tulpehocken Creek, Boyertown Reservoir, Manatawny Creek, French Creek, Blue Marsh, Little Schuylkill & More…  Read at the bottom of the page for more info on Locations

Spin Fishing & Fly Fishing

Trout | Largemouth | Smallmouth | Panfish | Catfish
Kayak | Bank-Side | Boat | Fly Fish
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Kids Fishing lessons

Top Water Trips offers Kids Fishing Lessons which can be Spin Fishing or Fly Fishing. We offer Kids Fishing lessons on all types of waters in Southeastern Pennsylvania Lakes, Rivers, & Streams for many species, and they can be from the Bankside, our Bass Boat, or Kayak.


We teach and guide on almost all waters in Berks, Montgomery, Chester, & Schuylkill Counties. We pick our locations based on the time of year, where the best bite is, the type of lesson, the target species, and where each booking is coming from. 

Trout Fishing Lessons

Our Trout Fishing Lessons can be offered on the Bank Side on Small streams like Hay Creek, Manatawny, & French Creek. As well as on bigger streams like the Little Schuylkill & Tulpehocken Creek. Our Trout Fishing Lessons can also be offered from a Kayak and in Fly Fishing or Spin Fishing Style. 

Largemouth Bass Fishing Lessons

Lets hit the Lakes for Largemouth Bass Fishing Lessons. This comprehensive course can be done on a multitude of Lakes, Reservoirs, & Small Ponds in Southeastern Pennsylvania. We can fish from the Boat on great lakes like Marsh Creek & Blue Marsh or hit those same lakes from the Kayak. This is a great Kids Fishing Lessons Option!

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Lessons

Time to hit the Schuylkill River! Smallmouth Bass Fishing Lessons bring a vast amount of opportunity. A tandem Kayak with your Fishing Guide steering the Yak will be the primary mode of travel. Get ready for some strong fighting fish and a fully comprehensive River Smallmouth Course!

Catfishing Lessons

Patience, Patience, Patience….. Bigger rods, big baits, & big fish potential! Get ready to jump in the boat for a Catfishing trip on the Schuylkill River in the Phoenixville Area.

Trout | Largemouth | Smallmouth | Panfish | Catfish
Kayak | Bank-Side | Boat | Fly Fish
Lakes | Rivers | Streams | Ponds | Reservoirs

Our Kids’ Fishing Lessons and their inherent opportunities are pretty much endless. So, book here, give us a call or shoot over an email and we will get you all set up!

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