Kayaking Lessons

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Looking to learn how to kayak Rivers and/or Lakes? Or teach one of your own who wants to learn the sport? Kayak classes & instruction with Top Water aim to give beginners the skills and confidence necessary to Kayak & Kayak Fish safely on solo ventures. Kayaks & gear are provided or bring your own kayak. Learn kayaking skills, boat control, how to read Rivers, dealing with current, and all the beginner kayaking principles.

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Kayaking Lessons

River Kayaking Lessons

Learn how to Kayak on the Mighty Schuylkill River with Top Water Trips. Or learn to navigate a lake near you! Marsh Creek and Blue Marsh are lakes we guide and teach on often! Exploring nature in a kayak is a healthy and fun way to enjoy the outdoors. Our Kayaking Lesson/ Course begins with a brief introduction and safety talk from your guide and instructor. We will outfit you with a personal flotation device (PFD), kayak and paddling equipment, and teach you everything we know about setting up your kayak. Then, you’ll receive instruction on a variety of paddling techniques.

Moving water always adds variety to your kayaking lessons and there is nothing more soothing than floating through the swift and scenic waterways of the Schuylkill River System. Read our River Kayaking Tips below and book a River Kayaking Lesson today All necessary gear and instruction will be provided on-site! Gain the confidence to kayak safely and efficiently on Class I & II River systems!

Lake Kayaking Lessons-

Take Your Lake Kayaking Lesson on the lake of your choice! Check out to Our Waters find a lake near you that we teach on

The lessons will cover:

  • Introduction to kayaks and basic equipment
  • Entering, exiting, and maneuvering the boat
  • Basic paddle strokes

River Kayaking Tips

Get Educated

Call the local livery to see if they offer guided trips or get in touch with a kayak school for some beginner river kayaking lessons.

River Reading

When beginners look at a river, they just see moving water. But with some training, you’ll be able to recognize changes in current from afar, submerged rocks and trees (strainers), and places where it’s safe to rest and regroup (eddies are usually a good spot).


If you’re paddling a river for the first time, go with a friend who has paddled the river before. Whether or not they’re an expert, you can at least rely on them for the inside scoop as you paddle.

Check the Weather Before You Go
Ferry Gliding

Ferry Gliding is a skill useful in whitewater paddling and recreational boating which will increase your control over the river. Perfecting ferry gliding will allow you to move across the river without being carried downstream…

To Learn More About River Kayaking Give us a call and book your Lesson

Want to learn how to Kayak Fish or Kayak Fly Fish?